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Order and Receive

How long does it take before I receive my order?

Is your product in stock? The delivery time is 2-3 working days. Most of the products are produced after the order is placed. This will prevent us from unnecessary overproduction. It also means that every product is uniquely made and can be customized for each customer. The average delivery times per product in backorder are:

  • Pillowcase/ +filling: ±7 days
  • Shopper: ±7 days
  • Etui bag: ±7 days
  • Toiletbag: ±7 days
  • Placemats: ±7 days
  • Blanket: ±10 days
  • Wallpaper: ±14 days
  • Duvet cover: ±14 days
  • Other/custom: ±14 days

How can I track my order?

After placing your order, you receive an email, in this email you can find your tracking code which you can use to follow your package. You receive the code when your package is picked up by the delivery service.

What are the sending option?

Do you live near Nuenen/Eindhoven? It’s possible to pick up your order in Nuenen for free. Contact Oh Deer Graphics for a pick-up time. If you are unable to pick up your order, it will be sent to you by mail. This involves some extra costs.

What kind of package do I receive with my order?

Pillowcases, shoppers and cards will be sent in a package that fits inside your letterbox. Other products are sent in box.

The track&trace says I have received my package already, but I didn’t receive anything. What should I do?

Wait a little while longer, maybe it will still come. If that’s not the case, please contact PostNL first, using your tracking code. Your package is probably stuck somewhere.

What are the delivery costs?

For a package sent inside The Netherlands, we charge €6,75. When you only order postcards or and etui bag, we charge €4,10.

To which countries do you deliver?

We ship to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

How do I place an order?

Step 1: Go to the product you want to order.

Step 2: Fill in the options

Step 3: Click on ‘add to cart’

Step 4: You’re placing your order. Fill in your details

Step 5: You placed your order. Now you can use a payment method.

Step 6: You’re being redirected to the page of the payment you have choses.

Step 7: Your order is succeeded! You’ll receive an email with all the details.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Send an email as soon as possible to us, in which you state the reason of cancelling/changing. We will take a look at the situation, and try to help you on a case-by-case basis. You can send the email to

Return policy

Can I return my order when I’m not happy with it?

When you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 14 days. Custom made products cannot be returned. Please contact for more information. The costs for your return are on your own account.

Can I swap my order with another product?

It’s possible to swap non-custom made products. It is not possible to swap custom made products.. Please contact for more information.


What payment methods can I use?

In the webshop you can pay with iDeal, Apple Pay, PayPal, creditcard, Klarna pay later or Bancontact.


On what temperature can I wash my product?

All products can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius. Don’t wash the products too often because the color will slightly fade. Ironing is possible at the lowest temperate settings.

Do you have a physical store?

Oh Deer Graphics doesn’t have its own physical store. There are however physical stores in which a selection of our products is sold. The following products are sold in the following stores:

  • KUS Eindhoven
    The Student Hotel Eindhoven
    Stationsweg 1
    5611 AA Eindhoven

Is the picture the same as in real life?

The picture is exactly the same as the product in real life. The colors can deviate from the end product. Colors are influenced by the color settings and screen quality of the computer that was used for pattern selection.